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Name:Anti-Mosquito Soap
Net Weight:110g years
Main Ingredients:Sekken Soji, Lanolin, Glycerin, Titanium Dioxide, Folium Artemisiae, Argyi Extract, Camphor, Fennel Extract, Radix Stemonae Extract

Product Description

Details: This product contains extracts of diversified natural plants, mixing with advanced natural soap materials. This soap prodides various benefits to your health, particularly it can protect you from mosquito bit and alleviate sufferings by using it regularly.

Main ingredients: Sekken Soji, Lanllin, Glycerin, Titanum Dioxide, Folium Artemisiae, Argyi Extract, Camphor, Etc. 

Direction: First wet the skin, apply it onto the body, work it into foam, and then cleanse the skin with clear water. Massaging body for several minutes will achieve better effect.

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